Hussein Fatal – The Interview

Hussein Fatal – The Interview

Hussein Fatal can be considered an underdog in my book, the way that he was received by mainstream but he was a hip hop giant to me. He is my personal top 3 favorite MCs of all time dead or alive. It doesn’t really have anything to do with him being so close to 2 Pac when he was alive either, I just really enjoyed his style, the way that he rhymed. He was extremely underrated because when he passed away nobody even really played any of his music. When it comes to hip hop the world is backwards.

I enjoyed everything that Hussein Fatal put out music wise but I think the Interview may go down as my favorite album of his. His flow was versatile on this album and it definitely did not sound like anything out at the time. Another great aspect that I love about the album is that it is playable all the way through, not one track is skippable in my opinion. With all the watered down stuff that is coming out lately you may find an album that has 15 tracks and only a couple of them are actually worth listening.

It goes without saying that I had a hard time when Hussein Fatal passed away. This was one of my favorite rappers of all time and he was never going to be able to release any new music. But beside not being able to release any new music and continue his hip hop legacy, he died at such a young age, he wasn’t even 40 years old yet. I hope to God that someone out there has a stack of Hussein Fatal songs that have never seen the light of day like 2 Pac had and they start releasing it to help support his family.

Rest in Peace Hussein Fatal, from one of your biggest fans out there. I never had the pleasure to meet you personally but I did get to interview you for Musical Fury, one of the first interviews ever and you were eager to do it because at the time you were planning to release your autobiography. I hope someone ends up releasing that as well.

My overall rating of this album is a 5 out of 5, a perfect album in my opinion.

Why was this never released?

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