Bumpy Knuckles – Konexion

Bumpy Knuckles – Konexion

There is one album I want to review because I truly think, personally, that this is one of the best sounding hip hop albums ever. Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles has been laying down rhymes for quite some time and hasn’t lost his touch one bit. He has also been laying down rappers in the process, hence industry shakedown!

Industry Shakedown is an incredible album also but Konexion is my favorite because it is just put together so well. None of the songs sound alike and bumpy spits like he is on a mission. I think the album cover actually does a lot of justice explaining how the lyrics conveyed. This is the energy that you can really appreciate and it radiates off of the music and into you, it motivates you.

There are 18 tracks with literally only one skit so 17 tracks of in your face Bumpy Knuckles mayhem. If only the new generation could take notes from this album. Another interesting and refreshing fact is that there are very little features on the album. Now adays, everyone wants to get tons of features on the album so they are only one one or two tracks by themselves. When you limit the amount of features I think it really showcases your talent to the fullest and lets people know that you can really hold your own. There are some exceptions to this rule, I always loved when Wu Tang had features of each other on all their albums but referring specifically to solo artists. Some artists just don’t want to hold down a full album by themselves.

Since this is an album that you can pretty much listen straight through, it is needless to say that there are a lot of stand out tracks. But, some personal favorites are Paine, Konexion, Mega Bomb Dropper, New Millenium and last but certainly not least, When the Angels Sing. If you haven’t already, check out this album for yourself and you will be impressed. I am sure it will turn you to a Bumpy Knuckles fan in an instant!

My only hope is that Bumpy Knuckles continues to drop mega bombs and release something this year!

Konexion: Released in 2003 on Rapster Records
Purchase the album digitally HERE

1 Interview w/AllHipHop.com
2 Drop A Jewel
3 Paine (Pressure At INdustry Expense)
Producer – DJ Premier
Scratches – DJ Premier
4 Swazzee
Producer – Knockout (2)
5 Poetry
6 Step Up
Producer – BeatBanga
7 Angel
Featuring – Janah Campbell
Producer – EarCandi
8 Konexion
Producer – Freddie Foxxx
9 Mega Bomb Dropper
Producer – DJ Rukas
10 Tell Me
Producer – Big Bruh
Vocals – Bridget (2)
11 Me!
Producer – EarCandi
12 No I Ain’t Wit It!
Producer – Dem Dudes
13 Lazy!!!
Producer – DJ Premier
14 Aim-Cock-Spit
Featuring – Tayshine
Producer – LilBigLilFella
15 Stick ‘Em Up!
Producer – Clark Kent
16 Gangsta’s Again
Producer – Rich 5
17 When The Angels Sing
Vocals [Featuring] – Khadejia*
18 New Millenium

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