Hell Razah – El Raziel

Hell Razah – El Raziel

New album from the legendary Sunz of Man member Hell Razah. He is dropping his latest album El Raziel on April 5th (Easter Sunday) and you can pre-order it now HERE on iTunes. This is coming out via Hell Razah Music Inc, the artists own label. He has been hard at work lately with mixtape after mixtape and now ready to drop the bomb on ya!

There are a couple of album covers floating around but I think the one on iTunes is the official one.

1.Thug Vatican Intro
2. 7000 Feet (feat. Scripture)
3. Angel Prayers Interlude
4. Spiritual Scarface
5. Genesis 1:27
6. Angelic Capone
7. Dr. Razah
8. Judas Loyalty
9. Pure Love
10. Cinematic Heaven
11. Throne of Raziel
12. Yesterday
13. Home of Thug Angels
14. Walk With Raziel

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