DJ Kay Slay ft. Outlawz & Onyx

DJ Kay Slay ft. Outlawz & Onyx

There was a time when they said that hip hop was dead but lately it seems like hip hop has been alive and healthy. This song from DJ Kay Slay ft. Onyx & the Outlawz called My Brother’s Keeper is pure hip hop at its finest. I LOVE this song from start to finish, Hussein Fatal had a great part, Young Noble had a great part and when Sticky and Fredro passed the verses back and forth it reminded me of how they used to do it and hasn’t changed up their style a bit.

You have to give DJ Kay Slay his proper respect for putting this classic together, thank you!!!

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2 Responses to "DJ Kay Slay ft. Outlawz & Onyx"

  1. This is a hot track and probably one of the best I heard in a while. Where the hell has onyx been, they took a lot of time off too…

  2. sick track!!!!!!!

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