Illa Ghee

Illa Ghee

Illa Ghee is a rapper that has been around for a while but certainly never got the fair chance to blow up like I believe he can and maybe still will. The first main stream appearance from Illa Ghee that I know is on the Mobb Deep album Hell on Earth on a track called “Can’t Get Enough of It”. Mind you, you have to be very ill lyrically to be able to just appear on a Mobb Deep album no matter what and the features on Hell on Earth only consisted of a few of Havoc and Prodigy’s crew and then Method Man, Raekwon and Nas.

That track was not the last of Illa Ghee and most who have been following his music closely know that he is still putting in a lot of work in the studio and I hope he continues to do so. He released countless quality mixtapes consisting of but not limited to: Welcome to the Illa Side, When Illa Attacks Premo Beats, Verse Killa, When the King Comes Out, New York Crunk and others. But, his official releases that are classics in my book are Bullet and a Bracelet that dropped in 2007 on Depth Charge Recordings and the latest Angeldust and Waffles which was entirely produced by Dom Dirtee and released in 2012.

The word on the street (ok, social media) is that Illa Ghee is working on a brand new project that is yet to have a release date called Social Graffiti. Any fan of Illa knows that this is going to be another classic like Angeldust and Waffles. Remember, not everyone can make the ranking of next to blow up, you have to be putting in some serious work. Check out some of his music videos below and be sure to check for his music in the future because he is going to be one of the next to blow up!

Illa Ghee Feat. Lil Fame from M.O.P. – Salute the General

Illa Ghee feat. Sean Price – Price to be Illa

Illa Ghee – Rap Wizardry

Illa Ghee – Takin Over

Illa Ghee – Radio Rap is Not Ill

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